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12 interesting facts about Postecouglou`s Tottenham

    Ange Postecoglou’s swift impact on Tottenham is undeniable, as his team currently reigns supreme atop the Premier League table, boasting an impressive 23 points from their initial nine matches.

    Undoubtedly, it’s still early in the Premier League season, but one can’t help but be enthralled by the exceptional performance of Spurs under Postecoglou’s guidance.

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    12 interesting facts about Postecouglou`s Tottenham

    The Australian maestro has skillfully navigated challenging scenarios, bidding farewell to Tottenham’s all-time leading goalscorer, Harry Kane, during the summer transfer window. Despite the loss, Tottenham’s prowess in front of goal remains unrivaled. They currently maintain an unblemished record in the league, leaving us all to wonder where this remarkable streak will lead. You can bet on Spurs using Mostbet India app.

    Attacking style

    Postecoglou has injected a breath of fresh air into Tottenham after previous managers like Jose Mourinho, Nuno Espirito Santo, and Antonio Conte struggled to deliver success with their defensive-minded strategies.

    Speaking to Sky Sports, Postecoglou remarked: «That’s the beauty of our sport. Football offers countless pathways to success, diverse ways to structure your team, and myriad strategies to counter the opposition. I may lean towards one extreme, while others lean towards another, yet both can achieve success in this beautiful game».

    He continued: «Especially with a club like this one, which has consistently yearned for entertaining football, there exists a profound connection with that style. If I can bring that style of play, we can rally the supporters, infuse the team with their energy, and ultimately, aim for success».

    New level

    A closer examination of Tottenham’s impressive start under Postecoglou reveals 12 remarkable statistics that underscore their excellence:

    1. Tottenham averages an impressive 2.55 points per game under Postecoglou in the Premier League. Over the course of a full season, this would translate to a remarkable 97 points, which would be their best-ever Premier League tally.
    2. Postecoglou boasts an impressive win percentage of 70% as Tottenham’s manager, surpassing any of his predecessors.
    3. Spurs are scoring an average of 2.22 goals per game and are on track to reach 84 goals in the season, approaching their highest-ever scoring campaign in 2016-17 when they scored 86 goals.
    4. Under Postecoglou’s guidance, Tottenham has been ruthlessly clinical in front of the goal, exceeding their expected goals (xG) by 1.5 goals, ranking sixth in the league for xG overperformance.
    5. Postecoglou has set a new Premier League record for the most points accumulated by a manager in their first nine Premier League matches, surpassing the previous record held by Guus Hiddink.
    6. Tottenham’s chance conversion rate under Postecoglou stands at 10.2%, surpassing the Premier League average of 9.0%.
    7. Son Heung-min has emerged as the most clinical player in the Premier League, surpassing his xG by 3.6 goals, the largest overperformance in the league.
    8. Tottenham has been a thrilling force in the final third, averaging 18.7 shots per game, leading the Premier League in this regard.
    9. Off the ball, Tottenham maintains a remarkable work ethic, making an average of 19.9 tackles per game, second only to Crystal Palace this season.
    10. Using WhoScored’s average match ratings, Cristian Romero stands as the best center-back in the league with an average rating of 7.39.
    11. Tottenham has ventured into the opposition’s box 375 times, exceeding any other Premier League side.
    12. James Maddison is thriving under Postecoglou, creating 29 chances, more than any other Premier League player.

    In summary, Ange Postecoglou’s influence on Tottenham is undeniable, leading them to an extraordinary start in the Premier League with an array of remarkable statistics to support their prowess.

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