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Best Cricket Live Line Telegram Link Fast Cricket Score 2024

    Cricket is considered the god of sports in India. Whenever there is a cricket match going on, stadiums are crowded and home watchers are glued to the television. Along with entertainment, there is a category of cash flow in cricket. There are punters all over the country to earn money through this crazy game. Even though gambling is prohibited in India, cricket differs slightly from gambling as it involves analysis and game knowledge. We shouldn’t bet offline in India however we can bet online to some extent. There is liberty between Indian states to decide their policies related to betting in cricket. We will see the best cricket live line telegram links at the end.

    Best Cricket Live Line Telegram Link
    Best Cricket Live Line Telegram Link

    So, betting on cricket and earning from it is not so easy. For earning through cricket, we require reliable cricket updates, trusted cricket analysis, and reports. One of the trusted sources where we get genuine cricket updates at a faster pace than from live cricket channels is cricket live line apps. Let’s first look into what are cricket live line apps, and why you need them, and then a few good cricket live line telegram links are shared.

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    What is a cricket live line?

    In my personal experience, I have seen a cricket commentary where the guy is exactly telling about what’s gonna happen in the next ball. I was shocked and a little curious about his guesses. Then I came across some cricket live line apps where the live match updates are even faster than the live telecasts. So, you are fast-paced in cricket updates when compared to peers if you follow cricket live line apps.

    How do cricket live line apps update the scores faster than live TV telecasts?

    In reality, the live telecast on television moves more slowly than the actual cricket game being played in the stadium. After each ball is bowled, the majority of the live-line cricket apps are updated. Apps are therefore quicker than live TV broadcasts. Television live streams are usually 15-30 sec backward compared to the actual match happening. Generally, these apps send their real reporters to the stadium and make sure that the updates are faster than the television live streams.

    What are cricket live line telegram links?

    Telegram is a famous chat-sharing social media platform among Indians. The app is very convenient with premium features like creating channels, and groups where tons of content can be shared on daily basis. There will be telegram channels for cricket live line apps where the content about cricket is delivered sooner to the television broadcasts. These updates can be used by tippers for better match analysis and also for punters to grab the win. So, in the following content, I have shared the best cricket live line telegram links.

    Best 7 cricket live line telegram links:

    The following are the 7 best live line services that share credible updates and match scores in the telegram regularly. Along with telegram links, we have shared a few reasons why to follow them.

    Tiger Line

    Tiger Line Telegram Link-

    We Are Available In All Matches…
    World Fastest Line Of Cricket…
    Tiger Line🥎
    Keep Sharing❤️

    Ferrari Fast Line

    Ferrari Live Line Telegram link:-

    The royalty of this cricket live line is reflected through its name itself. The direct admin contact of the Ferrari live line is @FerrariLineCaptain. Along with faster updates, Latest Updates, Match Schedules & Teams, and Latest News & Match Analysis can also be noticed in the channel. The Ferrari cricket live line is in the market since 2017.

    Indian Line


    Indian Live Line Telegram link:-

    Superfast Scores Before TV🕒

    On Cricket Match Live Line🔥

    Full Entertainment Cricket Match Live Line✔️

    Latest Match Updates📰

    Full Match Schedule📅

    Results & Analysis🏏

    Most famous live line with the greatest audience count of 6lakh+.

    Cricket Line Guru Live Line Telegram link-

    Instant Cricket Match Updates, Cricket Live Line, Live Score, Live Cricket Match, Commentary, News, Polls & Fixtures, Live IPL Match.

    Cricket line guru

    Cricket Line Guru is committed to giving you the quickest updates on every cricket match’s live score, as well as live commentary on every ball, cricket statistics, detailed score reports, and match odds. – the direct manager from Cricket Guru you can contact to get customized services and solutions.

    Lotus cricket line

    Lotus Live Line Telegram link:-

    This is a very famous cricket live line where its single social media platform just telegram contains 3lakh+ subscribers. The channel contains ball-by-ball updates every minute with faster and more accurate results.

    @lotusowner is the admin for the Lotus Cricket Line.


    VSG Live Line Telegram link:-

    While Lotus Cricket is supporting Ambhani’s book, VSG line stands by the best bhai side. They do update live news for the ball over ball and over by over. It is a decent community of 91,166 subscribers in telegram.

    Cricket live line score

    Cricket Live Line Score Telegram link:-

    This will be definitely among the top 10 if we look for the best live line scores in cricket. A considerable count of 1lakh+ subscribers in this telegram channel.

    A sample update in their channel looks like this:

    RUN SCORE:- 10 2 1 0 4 2 1 J BIRD:- 13(06) B DWARSHIUS:- 06(05)

    Cricbuzz live line

    Cricbuzz Live Line Telegram link:-

    The channel description is shown below:

    S U P E R = F A S T

    🏆 Latest Updates

    📅 Match Schedule & Teams

    🔴 Catch Super Fast Scores

    Updates are provided for maximum matches by this line. The green and white combination of the Cricbuzz logo gives it an official look.


    In this article, all the content we shared is intended to give information only and not encourage or force anybody to start using these cricket live line scores in betting. We prefer you be away from illegal activities like betting and selling these live line scores illegally. We are not associated with any of the mentioned websites or telegram links personally. The information and the links we shared are purely based on research.

    All the content in the post is only for educational purposes and we are not responsible for any of your loss.


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