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Bhutan state lottery Tips Some Basic Begeniners Knowledge

    You might have heard of the famous “Bhutan State Lottery.” It is popular because it offers several exciting games that an individual can easily play to win excellent prizes. Bhutan is an independent country of India and owns its official lottery, i.e., state-owned under the Ministry of Finance. In 2016, PM Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay established the first domestic monthly lottery, and further, many more schemes have been followed to aid the lottery in generating revenue.

    Bhutan state lottery Tips

    Moreover, the existence of the Bhutan Lottery is helpful in more than one way. It helps the wider society keenly and benefits several schemes like education, sports, and health. Another motive is to explore the prospect of expansion outside its borders, precisely in India. So in this article, let’s learn more about this state lottery. Keep reading!

    Is it safe to play the Lottery in India?

    It is possible to play the Bhutan lottery from India. A Trade, Commerce, and Transit Agreement between the two countries include the sale of lottery tickets under the purview of ‘free trade and commerce.’

    Bhutan’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP) won the 2013 general elections, and discussions were held with the Indian government to resume ticket sales without discontinuity.

    It is now legal to sell Bhutanese lottery tickets in India and Indian government lottery tickets in Bhutan (unless a state explicitly bans it).

    Nevertheless, legalization is still subject to local laws in Bhutan and India. For example, only a few Indian states allow the sale of lottery tickets from other forms, such as Bhutan State lotteries.

    There is no doubt that the Central Government has given the individual States the power to conduct and ban lotteries as prescribed by the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998.

    13 Indian States have legalized lottery play, and none of them have banned out-of-state lottery play. As a result, Bhutan lotto is available in the following Indian states, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim, and West Bengal.

    How to purchase a legit Bhutan lottery online in India?

    Suppose you are looking forward to purchasing a legit Bhutan lottery Online in India. In that case, there are zero chances, as there is no legit online website, government, or third party selling tickets online. It is why to purchase a Bhutan Lottery ticket; you have to do it offline, i.e., to directly reach a regional sales agent who the Government of Bhutan has legitimately authorized to sell tickets in India.

    And, if you are not too excited about playing paper lotteries, players can always prefer using international lotteries and purchasing tickets online. Multiple websites offer entry into world lottos either by purchasing official tickets on your behalf or allowing you to bet on the possible results.

    What are the active schemes of the Bhutan lottery?

    Super saya bumper:

    The Super saya bumper lottery is an annual draw in Bhutan where 60000 tickets are produced for sale. These tickets are numbered from 10000-29999 and separated into three series, i.e., A, B, and C. The price per ticket is Nu.300 (approx. INR300).

    Fortnightly lottery scheme:

    The next is the Fortnightly lottery scheme, which in Bhutan is also commonly known as Phuensum Mid-Dharim. These draws happen once every two weeks. And for each appeal, 50000 tickets are produced and numbered from 10000-59999. Further, these tickets are separated into two series, i.e., A and B. The rate per ticket to this draws in Bhutan is Nu.50 (approx. INR50)

    Special Tshe-Jur bumper lottery:

    Our third choice is the Special Tshe-Jur bumper lottery, another annual draw led by the BLL. A total of 60000 tickets are produced for this draw, too, numbered from 10000-29999. Next, these tickets are arranged in 3 series, i.e., A, B, and C, and the price per ticket is Nu.300 (approx. INR300).

    Thuensum quick cash:

    The Thuensum quick cash is a good one in which a promptly rewarding lottery scheme is conducted in Bhutan. The draws proffer seven prize tiers; each ticket price is Nu.20 (approx. INR20).

    Thuensum scratch:

    Thuensum scratch is an immediate-win lottery with seven prizes that do not comprise any consolation prize. The price of each scratch card is Nu.30 (approx. INR30). 

    Phuensum Dharim lottery:

    This Phuensum Dharim lottery draw comprises 2 lakh lottery tickets separately arranged in 4 series, i.e., A, B, C, and D. These tickets are numbered from 00000-49999, and each price is Nu.50 (approx. INR50) each.

    How do check, and where the Bhutan Lottery Result will be published?

    There is an official website and social media handles for that where the Bhutan lotteries are announced and published. People can quickly check the results on them and also in the country’s national newspaper. People can check them after a draw is over.

    Great websites also created Bhutan Lottery results regularly. However, not all websites are legit and trustworthy. So be careful!

    How to properly claim the Bhutan Lottery prize?

    Winning a prize in Bhutan’s lotteries is simple. Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind:

    • The prize-winning ticket must be surrendered within 60 days from the draw if you win Phuensum Mid Dharim or any other Bumper lottery.
    • If you win one of the Scratch card lotteries, you must surrender your prize-winning ticket (scratchcard) within 30 days after the sale closes or the scheme expires.
    • Winners who do not submit their tickets within the stipulated time will not be awarded a prize.
    • Bhutan Lottery Limited, Head Office, should be contacted for prices over Nu.10, 000.
    • In Bhutan, prizes of up to Nu.10 000 can be claimed from the Sales Agent of the corresponding Dzongkhag (primary subdivision).
    • The following documents should be attached to all prize-winning tickets and Scratch Cards submitted to the BLL office or the Sales Agent:
    • A passport-size photograph of the winner
    • The original Citizenship ID card or other valid identity cards must be produced when claiming the prize.
    • Scratch Cards and prize-winning tickets should be returned in good condition. Tickets lost, mutilated, tampered with, altered, forged, or unissued will not be eligible for prizes.
    • One winner is eligible for only one prize.

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    Bottom line:

    So this was the complete guide about Bhutan State Lottery, I have explained everything in detail, and hopefully, now you have got a precise idea of how to get the state lottery and how it works. If you still have any queries or doubts, let me know!

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