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Fan2play Review – Is it safe to play on the Fan2play app?

    Fantasy sports in India continue to reach new heights every day. The number of companies in this market was less than ten in 2016. Currently, there are more than 140 companies offering fantasy sports to Indian sports fans. One such fantasy sports provider is Fan2Play, which is a creative and out-of-the-box version of fantasy cricket.

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    Fan2Play allows players to create virtual teams and earn points based on real-life sports events. Adarsh Gourav and Harbhajan Singh are brand ambassadors of this fast-growing and exciting fantasy cricket platform. 

    It calls itself ‘India’s Quickest Fantasy .’Check out our Fan2Play app review to see if this new fantasy app is worth your time.

    Fan2play Review

    Fan2play Review – Is it India’s fastest-growing fantasy sports platform?

    There is no doubt that Fan2Play is one of India’s fastest-growing fantasy sports platforms. With Fan2Play, players have access to some of the best leagues available, including cricket, football, and Kabbadi, and they love using mobile devices to manage their teams.

    Join a league or create your own with Fan2Play! The difference between Fan2Play and other providers is that they offer private leagues for almost any sport, in addition to public leagues-and our user base keeps growing! They have several leagues you can join if you are interested in enjoying all of your favorite games quickly and straightforwardly. Don’t hesitate, and you won’t regret it!

    Is Fan2Play app Safe?

    It is legal and safe to play Fan2Play’s Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football games because the law in India has deemed them to be ‘games of skill .’Games and contests at Fan2Play are designed according to Indian law regulations.

    Fan2Play is a skill-based fantasy sports mobile app that complies with Indian law.

    Since games of skill are excluded from Indian gambling legislation, they are legal, including the Public Gambling Act of 1867.

    How to Download Fan2Play App?

    The Fan2Play app can be downloaded from one of the following locations:

    • You can download the official Apple app from the App Store if you have an Apple mobile device
    • You can download the official Android app from this download link on the Fan2Play website.

    After downloading & installing, click on Join to create an account. The following details are required to create a new account::

    • Name
    • Mobile Number
    • Email
    • State (of residence)
    • Username and password

    Special Features of Fan2play

    1 – Play free contests and win cash prizes

    In other fantasy apps, free entry contests do not offer cash prizes. Fan2Play is different, however. Earn cash prizes by participating in a contest for Rs.0! Isn’t that awesome? 

    Players can also use 100% of their sign-up bonus to join contests with Fan2Play (other fantasy apps only allow you to use a percentage of your bonus).

    2 – Deadline For Creating Challenge

    The deadline for creating a challenge is until the start of the match for all sports provided by Fan2Play. Challenges cannot be completed after the deadline has passed. As a result of the deadline, no one has an undue advantage in fantasy gaming.

    3 – Transparency & Flexibility

    Users can create challenges by selecting players from the database and are bound by the same rules. You can create as many challenges as possible with any amount you want. The desired amount must be selected from a range of denominations. Regardless of caste, color, creed, or status, everyone has an equal opportunity to play the game and win it on the Fan2Play app. The game is open to anyone who knows it proficiently and is ready to win it.

    4 – Great Referal Program

    • By participating in this program, current users can invite their friends and family members to join Fan2Play.
    • When an existing user refers a friend or family member, he will receive a Referral Bonus of Rs. 10.00 when the referred user plays their first paid game.
    • A single user can invite up to five friends/family members.

    Users A, for example, will receive Rs. 25.00 as a Signing Bonus upon opening an account.

    After inviting five more friends/family members and they play their first paid game, the total wallet balance will be 75 rupees.

    5 – Lowest Credit Score

    Using Fan2Play, you can create a team within 100 credits with the lowest credit scores for all the players.

    Fan2Play allows you to choose players with lower credit scores than on other platforms in 11-player fantasy games. Fan2Play has fewer users than other platforms making this an attractive feature for fantasy players.

    6 – 2, 3, and 4 player teams in Fan2Play

    There are classic 11-player fantasy games available, but you can compete against other fantasy players in 2, 3, or 4-player challenges, making this India’s fastest fantasy game.

    If you want to create a 2-player challenge, instead of making an 11-player team, you can choose the two players you think will perform best.

    7 – 24*7 Customer Support 

    Customers can reach the app’s customer support by email and social media, which is available 24×7. Fan2Play’s support team is available 24 hours a day and can be reached at [email protected].

    8 – Innovative 2nd innings fantasy in Fan2Play

    Another innovative twist is the option to play fantasy cricket only for the 2nd innings of selected T10, T20, or ODI matches. Do you notice that a particular player performs better in the second innings of games? You can pick them for your team if you are good at cricketing knowledge and understanding key statistics and facts.

    How to deposit money at Fan2play

    Following the steps mentioned below, You can quickly deposit money on Fan2play

    • At the top left corner, click the wallet option.
    • Click the “Add Cash” button.
    • Enter the amount you wish to add.
    • Currently, there is only one mode of payment, which is Paytm.

    How to withdraw money from Fan2play:

    To withdraw money, follow the steps given below!

    • To withdraw money, a user must first update his KYC.
    • Click on more options at the bottom right corner.
    • Click on “Update Your KYC.”
    • You will need to verify your details, such as your email, mobile number, PAN number, and bank account.
    • Verification will take 5 to 7 days.
    • After your details are verified, you can click on the wallet icon on the home page.
    • Withdrawals are limited to 100, so ensure you have more than 100 in your wallet.
    • Click on the withdraw button now.
    • A user can request a maximum of three withdrawals per day.
    • Withdrawal requests are processed within 2-3 working days.

    How to Play at Fan2play app?

    Like in other fantasy apps, you can choose 11 players according to your knowledge in this app. It is also possible to choose 2-3-4 players who you think will play well and challenge the other players. To better understand both concepts, follow the information below.

    Classic 11-player fantasy:

    The target of this Fantasy Cricket game is to choose the top 11 players who can score points for your team with their performances in all three areas: batting, bowling, and fielding. You should select at least three batsmen, three bowlers, a few all-rounders, and one or more wicketkeepers. Changing the order based on the type of squads playing and the gaming conditions (whether batting is beneficial or bowling is helpful) is necessary. To score 2x and 1.5x points each, you must choose the excellent captain and vice-captain after you have selected your playing 11.

    1. Challenge:

    1 vs. 1 is also known as (Head to Head) Challenge Fantasy and allows two users to pick their squads and challenge each other if one of them wins. You can build your team with just two, three, or four players. There are no Credit Limits, and Player Types do not restrict you, choose the players you think will do well in the competition and select one as the captain who will give you 2x points, and you can then compete with other players and earn money.

    Fan2Play vs Dream11 – Which one is better?

    The two most popular fantasy sports apps are Dream11 and Fan2Play, but which one offers more prominent leagues and more flexibility? In short, Fan2Play’s leagues are more minor than Dream11’s, but overall, they’re pretty similar. Whether you decide to use Fan2Play or Dream11, you’ll be able to find the right fantasy sports league that fits your schedule, as they both offer full-season leagues, weekly leagues, daily leagues, and 50/50s. What matters is whether you want to play for money or fun.


    Q1 – How do you withdraw money from Fan2play?

    1. Log in to your Fan2play account.
    2. In the top left corner of the app, click on the Balance icon.
    3. Select the withdraw button.
    4. You can enter the amount to be withdrawn if you have an active withdrawal account.
    5. The system will record this. Within 2-3 working days, all withdrawals will be processed.

    The bottom line

    Thanks for reading my article about Fan2play Review; I’ve shared everything with transparency.

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