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How to play 7 up down? Tips and Tricks To Win 7up down daily

    7 up 7 down, or 7 up down, is a pretty simple and easy dice game that offers only three basic betting options. However, at Indian online casinos, there are other few dice games accessible, making it an appealing option. To learn more about this exciting game, keep reading this article and learn how to play the 7 up-down games. I have also highlighted some rules and uncovered whether it is legal to play or not, so let’s get started with a guide of what players can expect when playing this game.

    How to play 7 up down

    What is 7 up down?

    The prime motto of 7 up down is to appropriately foretell the total number of two standard game dice. Players are required to the two numbers that are presented face up after the dice are shaken in the glass jar. Further, players can also bet on three options which are called 7 up, Lucky 7, and 7 down. 

    If you are unsure that the opposite sides of a regular dice always add up to seven, do not worry. I will explain how many chances there are while attempting to land a Lucky 7 bet. As of now, we will continue with the betting process of the 7 up-down casino game.

    Typically, the game begins with the player placing their money down on one or more betting options. Most games come with a standard time limit on the betting stage, so no more bets are accepted after those specific time limits. Players should always have plenty of time because of the simple betting system, but it is beneficial to learn about the limit when playing for the first time. 

    This 7-up-down, online game is only generally played with one player against the dealer. Though, players will find some other exciting games at real casinos where more than one player can sit around the table at a single time.

    Is 7 up down game legal in India?

    According to the research, the 7 up down game is legal to play across most parts of India; however, there are one or two states where it is still claimed to be illegal. States such as Orissa and Assam have not yet restructured the laws involving The Public Gambling Act of 1867. Moreover, the same issue is with Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, where performing online gambling is entirely banned. So each state will likely offer a diverse set of laws to the next, so I strongly suggest you check the local rules before playing. But I can assure you that most states are starting to ease their laws, though, so games like 7 up down will become more manageable as the years go by.

    So rules of the 7 up down game to know:

    • The 7 up-down table has the three betting options written on it. 
    • The three options include greater than 7, less than 7, and equal to 7.
    • Next, every player initiates the game by putting their chips on one or two of these options before the two dice are rolled.
    • Numbers above 7, i.e., (8, 9, 10, 11, 12) are generally called seven Up. If the players win by calling a 7 up, the payback is 1x the betting amount.
    • Numbers below 7, i.e., (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) are generally called seven down. If the players win by calling a 7 down, the payback is 1x the betting amount.
    • The number 7 is known as the lucky seven. If the players win by calling a lucky seven bet, the payback is 4x the betting amount.
    • Lastly, if the final position of the two dice does not specify a clear result, either by leaning against the jar or landing on top of each other, the pair of dice are rolled again.

    How to precisely play 7 up down?

    After understanding the 7 up down dice game rules, it becomes easy to follow as it will not take much time for players to know how to play. Let me first show what the game table appears to be like and the different components in front of the players while playing the game.

    Players will find the table more often in blue color, and the betting options are extensive across the front. Moreover, the glass jar stocking the two dice can be discovered at the top right-hand corner or in the center of the table. 

    The jar is covered over the top, so players do now know the two dice values unless the jar has been shaken and the cover or lid is detached. This spices up the level of excitement and takes the game to a whole new level for all the players involved. 

    Below are three betting options that will help players choose from at the start of each betting round:

    Lucky 7: It is the two dice numbers that add up to precisely seven.

    7 up The two dice numbers add up to a total over or above 7.

    7 down: The two dice numbers add up to a total under or below 7.


    Is it possible to play online 7 up down for money or free? 

    Many of the top casinos offer practice versions of their games. So, it is worth testing with their casino to see if the free 7-up-down game is accessible. However, many reputable and trustworthy casino websites offer free games.

    How to ultimately win online 7 up 7 down? 

    This game is random and easy, but it is still a bit challenging to say that you will win every time you play. The best tactic is to bet on one of the up or down bets along with the lucky 7 bet. It means that you will have the possibility of two of the three possible outcomes.

    Can you play 7 up and down on mobile?

    Yes, playing 7 up and down on mobile is now possible, and it is an excellent option for those excited to play on the go. The majority of the top online casinos now offer a professional application that players can download the app from the Google Play Store. But remember that some applications are available directly from the casino website. Moreover, ensure to have enough reliable mobile data connection if you are playing this game outside of the Wi-Fi area. 

    Where can I Play 7 Up Down Online?

    You can play 7 Up Down online through local bookies and trust Mention Bookie is one of the most genuine Bookies in India.

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    Bottom line:

    From the above guide on how to play 7 up down, I hope you are ready to give your shot. Now you are clear with the rules and tactics, download, play, and enjoy! If you still have any queries, do let me know in the comment section below!

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