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How to play dragon tiger – Win Always in Dragon Tiger Bets

    It is quite a thought that anybody could have considered what would happen if they merged baccarat and casino war.

     It is worth considering. Things will be more exciting if you are a regular casino player; this article is explicitly curated to answer you, considering your enthusiasm. So keep reading!

    How to play dragon tiger

    What exactly is Dragon Tiger?

    Dragon Tiger is a fantastic game that appears to be like baccarat, i.e., a narrowed-down version of it, and the method to play it goes the same way as casino war. It is evident that baccarat is extraordinarily so popular in the Far East, and it is no surprise it uses traditional Asian symbolism in the form of the Dragon and Tiger.

    Moreover, Dragon Tiger is exceptionally simple to play. In this game, two cards are dealt or distributed, one to the Dragon betting position on the table and the other to the Tiger betting position. So, the betting position with the higher card wins. As the bettor, you place your bets on the Dragon, the Tiger, or even the Tie.

    What are the rules of the Dragon Tiger Game?

    Here I have broken down some rules of the Dragon Tiger game in steps.

    When players play Dragon Tiger online, the first thing is to choose the bet size and conclude whether to place a bet on the dragon, the tiger, or the match is a tie. You are aiding which of the two players will attain the higher card value.

    Next, if you use the eight standard decks of 52 cards, the dealer or distributor will deal one card face up to each bettor, and possibly the highest card wins. And if both have the same value, the match is considered a tie. Further, if the player wins with either dragon or tiger, they get a payout of 1:1 for this. 

    Moreover, if a player selected a tie and won, then 11:1 is the payout. If they lose, you lose your bet, and if there is a tie, and the players only backed either dragon or tiger, they get half your chance back.

    On the table, players will also come across the odds for a suited tie, with both players’ cards comprising the same suit and the same value, i.e., two 3 of diamonds. The payback for this is 50:1.

    From the perspective of winning 50:1 is interesting; however, the odds of that happening are not appealing. The specialists put the house edge on this bet alone at 13.98%. Which exactly tons of bucks to forfeit over time while chasing the 50:1 shot

    Lastly, players will come across more interesting betting options in some Dragon Tiger games. 

    For instance, players have the chance to place a bet on both dragon and tiger hands by simultaneously being in black suits or red suits. Moreover, players could bet on odd cards or that the dragon or tiger will be high (above 7) or low (below 7). And if the score is 7, all bets lose. To make things more thrilling, some casinos let players back one card being black, the other red, the other being odd, and the other even.

    Some cunning strategies to play the Dragon Tiger game:

    From the above information, you can conclude that Dragon Tiger is easy to play and not as complicated a casino game as you have thought. So there is not much thoughtful strategy because of that. However, players may still expect something, or more to the point, to reduce or avoid potential losses.

    The first thing players must remember is never to back the tie, and undoubtedly the suited link. Those appealing-looking odds come with a significant edge. Instead, it is advisable to keep supporting the dragon or the tiger; though it has only 1:1 payouts, players get half of their stake back if it’s a tie. In such a manner, players can expect a good run of results over a given session that will help players earn little profit. 

    Moreover, if the game has those additional side bets, ensure not to go with the low or high bets because a seven will lose all bets. Instead, opting for red or black is suggested, which is a 1:1 bet.

    Besides this, there is no more strategy to enhance the chances other than betting rationally and within your bankroll.

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    How to consistently win the Dragon Tiger game?

    From the gambling experts, I have curated some great winning strategies to win the Dragon Tiger consistently, which include placing the bet on a Dragon or Tiger, not depending on the betting systems, ensuring not to bet on a Tie, understanding the rules and strategy of the game, manage the bankroll, and lastly select a reliable gambling platform.

    What is the prime objective of the Dragon Tiger game?

    Dragon Tiger is a multi-player card game, with the prime objective to place a bet on a specific card with the highest value, i.e., Dragon, Tiger, or an equal amount resulting in a tie.

    Bottom line:

    Now, as you are transparent with the procedures, rules, and strategies of how to play Dragon Tiger, you can register your account online and start earning today! Good luck!

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