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How to play Teenpatti? Tips and Tricks to Win Always

    Teen Patti originated in India and is one of the most popular gambling card games. It is famous not only in India but throughout South Asia as well. This game is often referred to as flash or flush.

    \Teen Patti was influenced by the British card game 3 Card Brag since both games have many similarities. Due to its deep cultural connection, the people of India enjoy Teen Patti during festivals and social gatherings.

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    People love this game because of its desi feel, despite it being a Western game. It is played by people of all ages, whether they are family members or friends. Every Indian household knows about it. But there are a few rules to follow, so in this article, I will share precise information about how to play Teenpatti. Scroll down and keep reading!

    How to play Teenpatti

    Procedure or steps for how to play Teenpatti:

    • Following are some quick procedures that will help you learn how to play Teenpatti in a good way.
    • All players begin the game by placing an initial bet on the ‘Boot’ or prize pot.
    • As soon as everyone has placed their initial bet, the dealer deals three cards face down to each player one at a time.
    • The game offers two options: ‘Seen’ and ‘Blind.’ Playing as seen allows you to see your cards while playing blind prevents you from seeing them and keeps them face down. Blind players can choose to see their cards later in the game and then play as Seen players.
    • The game continues as long as two bettors are present at the table and one of them opts to turn their cards face up for a show. If you are the only player left at the table, you win. 
    • Cards are compared during the Show, and the winning hand has the highest ranking. The bettor who called for the Show loses in the event of a tie.

    Some of the essential rules to play Teenpatti:

    Teenpatti is not rocket science; it is straightforward to catch up with the game once the players are clear with the rules. Following are some of the essential rules to play Teenpatti:

    • It depends on the minimum stake before the game begins and the minimum bet. 
    • As soon as the three cards are dealt face down, in Indian Flush or Teen Patti, players can choose to play as Seen or Blind.
    • Seen means the players will see the cards dealt to them, while Blind means they will not see their cards and keep them face down on the table. 
    • During the several rounds of the game, you can choose to play Blind or Seen. You can see your cards anytime as a Seen player and continue playing the game.
    • As a Blind, you must bet at least the minimum stake. In addition, if you play as Seen, you must stake twice as much as the minimum.

    Moreover, the players or bettors are required to place their bets until the following scenario occurs: 

    Scene 1: In this scenario, the last surviving player wins the round because all but one player has folded.

    Scene 2: Everyone except two players has folded. In this case, one of the bettors must call Show and reveal both of their cards.

    Playing Indian Flush or Teen Patti entails a multitude of rules; the following are some of them: 

    • Only two players are required for a Show to take place.
    • During a Show, both players show their cards. In each round, the player with the most incredible card combination wins. The player you called for the Show loses if there is a tie. 
    • You can ask the bettor who bet just before you for a slideshow when it’s your turn. It is up to the player to accept or reject this request without affecting the game.
    • Once the Sideshow offer has been accepted, the two players compare their cards, and the player with the lower combination must fold. In this game, the player with the higher ranking combination continues to play.
    • During a sideshow, the bettor who called for the sideshow must fold their cards instantly if they are equal in value.

    In a game of Teen Patti, the card combinations are ranked in descending order which is as 


    Trail or trio: A player with three cards with the same rank or value. Three aces are the highest-ranking combination, and the best trio is three aces. 

    Straight flush:  The player has three cards in sequence in a suit. Examples include 10, J, Q of Spades or 4, 5, 6, all in Diamonds.

    Sequence or straight:  A bettor with three cards of the same suit, but in series. An example would be a Jack, Queen, or King in any suit or a 5, 6, or 7 in any suit. 

    Color or flush: If a bettor has all three cards in the same suit but not in a particular order. For example, an ace, jack, or king in Hearts or a 2, 5, or 9 in Clubs.

    Pair or two of a kind:  It is when a bettor holds two cards of the same rank and value along with one other card. For instance, if a player has 8,8, an Ace, or 4,4,9.

    High card: If no cards are in sequence or the same suit, the highest-ranking card is compared among the players. The player with the highest-ranked card wins. If there is a tie, the High Card value is considered. Therefore, the player with a higher ranking wins.

    What are the strategies to win Teenpatti?

    • Placing small bets is an excellent place to start. It allows you to play many hands in a single session, giving you many chances to win.
    • Don’t be the first to bet when you have good cards and don’t fold too soon when you have bad cards. A significant part of this game is reading other players; winning will become very difficult if you become too easy to read. If you have good cards, don’t jump in and increase your bets gradually.
    • It’s a game of chance and skill, so being emotional can lead to more losses than gains—a player who gets dynamic starts making all the wrong decisions and eventually loses a lot of money.
    • It is not a game where you can win every hand. The more wins you have, the better. Generally, having more wins than losses is better than having all wins.
    • Knowing the game well before playing for money is very important: The player must fully understand the game before spending all their money on it.
    • Gambling games like Teen Patti should be played with a budget in mind. Playing with money borrowed or saved to pay bills is strictly forbidden.

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    Bottom line

    I hope now you are clear with the question of how to play Teenpatti; the rules are pretty simple to follow; keeping in mind the rules and given strategies, you can ace the game.

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