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Indian horse racing -The First Legal Betting Sport in India

    Firstly, the excitement and thrill every horse racing brings to wagers or bettors in that 2-minute fast-moving action are incomparable. The next thing is that horse racing is well-known for comprising much better odds than other sports. Moreover, the potential to earn higher profits seems more appealing to everyone.

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    Without betting, Indian Horse racing wouldn’t have been the same. Furthermore, it is one of the top sports in terms of the number of people showing interest, and how less popular and every day it is when it comes to watching it. Despite its global compliance, horse racing betting is not legal to bet everywhere. So in today’s article, I will keenly focus on Indian Horse racing and its intense perceptive on the betting market.

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    Indian Horse racing and online horse betting

    Horse Racing in India – Is it legal or not?

    The majority of sports betting is considered illegal in India. So, it is not permissible if the bettor is interested in placing a bet on any sport like cricket, tennis, or football. However, the scenario for horse racing is pretty much different. The sport is thrilling and popular with so many grazing clubs around the country where horse racing events seem to be happening throughout the year.

    But the question is it legal to bet on horse racing? And the answer to this is yes!

    Nonetheless, later in 1996, the Supreme Court of India administrated that winning a bet in horse racing is not merely based on luck. Still, the bettor must possess enough knowledge about the horse breed, the location where the race is being held, the skills of the jockey, and their training. In short, betting on horse racing should not be considered a ‘game of luck or chance, but it is meant to be played with skill. 

    So with that rule, horse racing is an exception from the current betting laws of the country, and it is entirely legal.

    Players can practice Horse Race betting online:

    In past years, people interested in betting on horse racing would have to visit a race track to place their horse racing bets. But now it’s not the case; it has become easier than ever; now, Indian Horse Racing betting can be done online as many websites have enabled bettors to bet on horse racing from the comfort of their homes! 

    How to bet on Horse Racing in India?

    There are ultimately two methods that you can opt for if you want to bet on horse racing in India:

    • Firstly, you can go to one of the various horse racing tracks in India, i.e., physical betting
    • Secondly, you can join an online horse racing betting website, i.e., online betting.

    Online betting:

    It is straightforward and fun to bet on horse races online! Getting started with horse betting takes less than 5 minutes! To get started, follow these steps:

    • First, choose a legit and reputed online horse betting website
    • Next, sign up by filling in the required details.
    • Deposit the asked amount using UPI
    • Next, find the horse racing section
    • Place a bet
    • Make a good profit and withdraw your cash

    Physical betting:

    Physical horse racing bets are also possible. In India, horse races are held at nine racecourses, including those in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Ooty, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mysore. The clubs operate satellite centers where bets can be placed on the race tracks.

    How do you select horse race betting websites?

    There are big horse race betting websites that have a team of experts with profuse horse-racing knowledge. They compile an index of the best Indian horse racing bookies. 

    The chosen horse racing betting websites must have major tournaments to bet on and be safe and trusted. Ensure the website is reputed and focuses strongly on horse racing, not just claiming it. It must offer horse race live streaming, tote betting, and guaranteed best odds on all races! 

    Ensure it has all these features:

    Offers best odds:

    It is best to choose excellent websites that offer the best odds over rogue websites and bookmakers with the best odds.

    Live betting and streaming:

    It is a thrilling experience to bet on a horse race while it is in motion. You’ll need to act fast so you can place wagers anywhere and anytime with live betting sites for horse racing.

    Horse racing betting is available at most bookies; some even offer live streaming. The latter is a handy feature that lets bettors watch the game from their PC or mobile without taking a trip to the races.

    Secure and fast withdrawals:

    If you’re looking for a horse racing betting site, this is one of the most critical considerations. Licenses are essential too, but getting your money as soon as possible is even more significant.

    Always choose the best betting sites in India that also offer instant withdrawals. By doing this, you will ensure that your winnings arrive promptly.

    Great promotions and free bets: 

    Extra money is always welcome! Many websites offer special promotions depending on race, so make sure you choose those sites.

    You can also earn free bets during registration or through a promo. As much as we love horse racing, you won’t want to miss out on gifts.


    Is betting horse races online safe?

    If you bet on a reputable betting site, betting on a horse race is safe. Your money is more likely to be secure if you use a licensed and trusted site. It is better if the site has been around for a long time. You can choose top-rated horse betting websites on Google if you’re interested in betting on your favorite races.

    Are there any Indian bookmakers that accept horse racing bets?

    Most online bookmakers in India accept bets. There are many sports that Indians can bet on, including horse racing, cricket, tennis, football (soccer), and more, as well as casinos and live casinos.

    How can you deposit money for online horse race betting?

    Online betting sites for horse racing or any other game recommend using e-wallets for deposits. But platforms based on UPI, such as Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, and others, allow for quick deposits and withdrawals. UPI platforms enable deposits and withdrawals very quickly.

    Horse racing: what are the best bets?

    Betting on the outright winner of a derby is one of the most popular bets in horse racing.

    Local Bookies ID for Online Horse betting

    We can bet horse betting online through many websites nowadays so to bet on a bookie website from India we can use their exchange website and it is the best way of betting live with live tv.

    Official Whatsapp Link –

    Whatsapp Number – 7302841597

    Bottom line:

    I hope you found this article about Indian Horse Racing helpful. This blog is to properly guide you on how to bet on horse racing and which websites. If you still have any queries, do comment and let me know!

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