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Kabaddi Match Prediction by Experts Free Team Winner Update

    The VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2022 is currently in full swing. There will be a 9th season of the multi-million dollar franchise this year. Millions of worldwide viewers have enjoyed the show’s first eight years. In addition to bringing back the excitement of one of the oldest sports in India, the PKL has modernized it in a way that people have embraced.

    This is a quick look at Kabaddi match predictions, Kabaddi rules and regulations, teams, and players.

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    Kabaddi Match Prediction

    Kabaddi Betting Tips by Expertsfreetips

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    Kabaddi Match Prediction Today Kabaddi Betting Tips Update


    Before starting Kabaddi betting – let’s look at the Kabaddi Rules & regulations.

    Kabaddi Toss

    The team that wins the toss chooses the court or raid.

    Match Duration

    During the match, there are two 20-minute halves separated by a five-minute interval.


    The team that puts out the opponent scores a point.


    A player will be declared out if any part of his body touches outside the court or if he goes outside the end line. The raider will not be declared out if one or more defenders have gone out of the boundary holding.


    When the struggle begins, the court must include the lobby. The players use entrances to enter their respective sides of the court. Only the defending side of the court must follow this rule.


    More than one raider can’t enter the opponent’s court simultaneously. As soon as more than one raider enters, the referee or Umpire will order them to go back and award the technical point to the opponent. If the opposing team fails to send their raider to the opposing team within 5 seconds after the raider reaches his court, the team will lose its chance to raid, and a technical point will be awarded to the opponent.


    Defenders are prohibited from willfully stifling a raider’s chant by shutting his mouth or using any other unfair means to harm him. In that case, the official shall declare the raider NOT OUT.

    Empty Raid

    The raid will be considered empty if no points are scored or lost during the raid. Three consecutive pointless attacks by a team will result in the raider being declared out, one player will be revived, and one point will be given to the opposing team.

    Kabaddi Violations & Fouls

    Depending on the circumstances, the Umpire may award green, yellow, or red cards to the player:-

    • If you disrupt the match despite the official’s decision.
    • Defending the decision of the official.
    • Put a stop to the raider’s mouth by any means necessary
    • Injury caused by violent tacking
    • With the help of the legs, hold the raider
    • The raid takes more than five seconds to start
    • Preventing the raider from taking his turn
    • Outside coaching

    Various Kabaddi Tournaments – National & International

    • Kabaddi World Cup.
    • Asian Games.
    • Pro Kabaddi League.
    • Indo International Premier Kabaddi League.
    • Super Kabaddi League.
    • Asian Kabaddi Championship.
    • Kabaddi Masters.
    • Junior World Kabaddi championship.

    Top Kabaddi players in the World

    10. Meraj Sheykh (Iran)

    9. Anup Kumar (India)

    8. Manjeet Chhillar (India)

    7. Fazel Atrachali (Iran)

    6. Sandeep Narwal (India)

    5. Ajay Thakur (India)

    4. Deepak Niwas Hooda (India)

    3. Rahul Chaudhari (India)

    2. Pawan Kumar Sehrawat (India)

    1. Pardeep Narwal (India)

    Kabaddi Betting Tips

    So, what should you remember before wagering on various kabaddi competitions?

    Selection of Betting Site – You first need to find a sportsbook that offers kabaddi betting odds. Choose an online sportsbook in India since this sport is not very popular worldwide.

    • Research the teams and players that will be wagered on as much as possible;
    • Compare the likelihood of that outcome occurring with the odds;
    • Always keep in mind the costs and benefits of betting, regardless of how conservative or aggressive you are

    Place a bet with research – The next step is to place a bet. You can also bet on the winner with classic straight bets. You need to choose a competition, pick your favorite team (but don’t forget to read its stats first!), and wager on it. 

    Finally, you can redeem kabaddi betting bonuses and promo codes. When you sign up for 22Bet for the first time, you can claim a welcome bonus and bet on sports for free.

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