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Kerala State lottery review – Is the Kerala lottery genuine?

    Many regions worldwide prohibit their citizens from taking part in specific, if not all, lotteries. The prime issue is that such areas often don’t even bother running a lottery for their citizens.

    Kerala lottery review

    But, this is not a significant issue in the Kerala region; this state runs the lottery legitimately and is known as India’s most famous lottery region. So in this article, you will learn the complete Kerala lottery review, both online and offline, how it works, and whether it is legal and worth playing. Let’s go!

    Is the Kerala state lottery legal?

    This is a valid question. Kerala was the first Indian state to apply its state lottery already in the year 1967 practically. Since then, numerous states, a total of 12, have significantly followed its lead, providing legal state lottery games. However, the lottery laws in Kerala only legalize domestic operators, which means that all international lottery websites are illegalized, making them legal.

    It also means that the players are free to play at any lottery website without legal consequences if they are from the same region. It operates the same way in various other states. For instance, the online lottery in Gujarat and the online lottery in Goa work similarly.

    On the other hand, selling Kerala state lottery tickets online is illegal, But if the vendors carry a legit license, they are good to go and are allowed to sell state lottery tickets. So if you think the Kerala lottery online is legal, the answer is yes and no! But you be aware while purchasing them online.

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    How to play the Kerala state lottery?

    It is simple to play in the Kerala lottery; players must visit a certified Kerala lottery vendor. Around the Kerala region, over 35,000 registered lottery dealers and above 100,000 lottery vendors from which players can ultimately buy legit tickets. After purchasing a ticket, they have to write their full name and current address on the back of the ticket. Players must also sign it, or the key will be considered invalid.

    Moreover, all tickets come with a user-specified ticket number. These are the classifying numbers that are drawn to conclude the winner of the draw; it means the game functions more like a raffle than a traditional lottery.

    What are the official odds of winning the Kerala lottery?

    The odds of winning any of the given lotteries held by the Kerala lottery solely rely on which draw the players have chosen to play. Further, each draw has a maximum number of tickets that can be published. From this, the assessed odds of Winning are:

    Lottery NameOdds of Winning*
    Win-Win1 in 6,300,000
    Dhanasree1 in 4,500,000
    Akshaya1 in 6,300,000
    Karunya Plus (Previously Pratheeksa)1 in 3,500,000
    Bhagyanidhi1 in 6,300,000
    Karunya1 in 3,000,000
    Pournami1 in 6,300,000

    How to properly play the Kerala lottery online?

    This is one matter that the Kerala lottery enormously disappoints compared to other countries’ lotteries. As per the lottery organization, there is minimal or no chance to buy Kerala lottery tickets online. The legit procedure is that all tickets must be purchased through the dealer in front of one of the registered sellers. 

    But fortunately, there are specific vendors online that buy tickets on behalf of others. These vendors further deliver physical access to the purchaser’s doorway (of course, only in Kerala) for them to sign the ticket and fill out their details on the reverse of the ticket.

    How to buy online lottery tickets in Kerala?

    You can get an online lottery ticket in Kerala in just three steps. Here check out the procedure to follow the quick steps to purchase a legit online lottery ticket in Kerala.

    The first select you’re the trusted and legit website that sells Kerala’s online lottery list. Next, create your account at the website and make a quick deposit using an Indian payment application like Paytm.

    Choose numbers for your favorite lottery game and purchase an online lottery ticket. Lastly, wait for the draw and ultimately cash out your won prize!

    What are the online Kerala lottery games?

    Suppose you are willing to buy online lottery tickets in Kerala and looking forward to relishing the world’s most popular lottery games. Yes, you can! Now join players from worldwide and get the opportunity to win jackpots from the USA and Europe.

    Below are some of the top Kerala online lottery games you might enjoy!


    It is the lottery game comprising the world’s biggest jackpot. You may consider this and take the chance to win the Powerball jackpot. 

    Euro millions: 

    Next is Euromillions, Europe’s most popular and one of the best online lottery games in Kerala. Now, you can book a lottery ticket for this and ultimately check your chances of winning a 19-crore Euros jackpot.

    Mega Millions: 

    Mega Millions is also a big jackpot lottery game that is accessible online for players in Kerala. Players can easily buy a Mega Millions ticket at Lotto247 or Lottoland to win a massive jackpot worth more than 153 crores US dollars.

    Odds of winning the Kerala online lottery:

    These chances are respectable, but considering that the best global lotteries offer much more outstanding awards, much better options, or both, there isn’t much here for serious lottery devotees to become excited for. US Powerball, for instance, has big stakes that have moved as high as $1.6 BILLION, and Polish Mini Lotto offers an entirely good everyday award as high as €85,349 and great chances of 1 out of 850,668.


    What are the payout options for the Kerala lottery?

    The prize payout is less than Rs. 100,000 and can be guaranteed at any local Kerala lottery office. Players are asked to get rewards from an enlisted lottery directorate office if the award exceeds Rs. 100,000. Prizes will be paid by cheque or bank transfer and require verification documents and reports to claim the prize. The rundown of vital pieces is accessible on the official site.

    How to precisely play the Kerala lottery online?

    This is the region that the Kerala lottery vigorously frustrates, contrasted with numerous other nations’ lotteries. As per the lottery association itself, it is impossible to buy Kerala lottery tickets on the web, i.e., online. However, all tickets should be purchased face to face at one of the enlisted sellers. In any case, there are explicit sellers online that purchase tickets for the benefit of others. These specialists then convey the actual pass to the buyer’s doorstep (in Kerala,

    obviously) for them to sign the ticket and finish up their personal information on the reverse of the ticket.

    Is it worth playing the Kerala lottery?

    The Kerala Lottery is incredible. It has been around for countless years and is the establishment on which numerous other Indian states based their lotteries. With moderately great bonanzas corresponding to the value, the Kerala lottery is undoubtedly worth testing as long as you live in or are going through Kerala State.

    Also, if you genuinely do yet would like the opportunity to win many more awards, figure out how you can lawfully play global lotteries in India. Realizing those subtleties will open up a universe of lotto prospects you never longed for at any point.

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    Bottom line:

    I hope you found this Kerala lottery review helpful! Kerala was the first Indian state to apply its state lottery already in the year 1967 practically. Since then, numerous states, a total of 12, have significantly followed its lead, providing legal state lottery games.

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