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    A Cricket Tipper who provides free cricket betting tips for free at, who says Winning is my daily habit.

    Today In this post we will provide some more information about Nekraj and Website Telegram and is Nekraj Cricket Tipper fake or Real.

    Nekraj fake Tipper

    Introduction about

    Nekraj is a Cricket Tipper who is from India owner of site, Who is also known as neki and he called his followers nekians. He has lots of name Nand Ram, Nekraj Bhartiya, etc.

    What Tips are Provided at are they real or fake

    From my knowledge winning team no one can predict Nekraj Tell he is a good tipper and have good accuracy but as I can see he has an old website called which is dead and has no value so he changed and came to a new website called If you try to find out that old website you will be redirected to a new website now.

    So from this point of view, we can know how he can treat his followers making them confused about his new website and follow back again.

    Finally, we can tell that with 60-705 accuracy experience cricket followers can predict it easily as per his experience.

    What percentage of accuracy does Nekraj Cricket Prediction Provide?

    You Will able to find Nekraj Prediction Accuracy Below:-

    Nekraj Toss Prediction- Only 40-45% Accuracy

    Nekraj Match Prediction- Only 55-60% Accuracy

    Nekraj Online Betting Tips- Only 40-50% Accuracy

    Nekraj Fantasy Cricket Tips- Chances of Winning 50-50% Only

    Nekraj Cricket Prediction Exposed

    Nekraj posts a fake screenshot of his Dream 11 team winning or Fantasy team a Fake Screenshot of Online Bets Wining 30K-40K daily at 1Xbet The bookmaker’s company provides the screenshot which is fake and he gets paid for it.

    Nekraj provides bookies Number For Commision

    Nekraj provides fake bookie’s contact numbers for gaining commission even though he provides numbers of bookies of his own number which will make you lose and him earn.

    What is Nekraj Cricket Prediction CBTF?

    Nekraj is mentioned as Nekraj CBTF lots of people have confused this term it’s a short form of Cricket Betting Tips Free and Nothing else so big words. today you come to know.

    Fake Nekraj cricket Prediction Channel

    All members are forcefully joined by promotion of his telegram link on different websites by paying the website owner on high for his business.

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