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New and Exciting Betting Features on 888sport

    In this article we’ll examine some of the best new and exciting features, this great online bookmaker has in store for us. It first launched officially in 2008, only 11 years after its parent company went into the online gambling business full-time, and has been going strong ever since.

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    We’ll take a closer look at this online betting and gambling platform, to see why this is one of the better websites you should be taking advantage of if you live in the UK. With a straightforward sign-up process, it will take you less than a few minutes to be up and running with your new account.

    Betting Features on 888sport

    Is There A Sign-Up Offer?

    You bet. When you sign up as a new customer for the first time, you get a great offer that will help you stand on your gambling feet much faster than if you were registering as a new account without a bonus. However, to qualify for the sign-up offer, you need to make an initial deposit of £10.

    This will give you a starting bonus of +£10 casino bonus, and +£30 in free bets. If you are unsure whether you want to start betting, this sign-up offer might nudge you in the right direction. Do make sure that you take advantage of this bonus only by using one IP in your household, as only one person can take advantage of this nice bonus.

    Using this promo code for 888 is going to allow you to claim the above-mentioned new customer offer when opening an account with 888. 

    What New Features Are Available At 888Sport?

    The 888Sport Website has been completely redesigned to make your time spent at their online gambling and bookmaking website much more fun, and easier to navigate. Some of the features implemented at 888sport will surely be met with positive reactions from the 888 fanbases, and with good reason.

    Thanks to their constant innovation and care for customers, 888sport has received many great reviews, confirming what we are about to discover in this article. 

    New and Exciting Betting Features on 888sport


    One long-awaited feature that drastically improves the UI design of the website is the “Favorites” feature. This allows you to click a star-shaped symbol next to matches that you are interested in. By doing so, you make the selected matches visible much more easily.

    Furthermore, this will enhance your live betting game, by making matches easier to track and allowing you to make decisions in a split second. If you are a fan of live betting, this newly implemented feature will make your life much easier, and potentially make it easier to place winning bets while the live matches are running.

    Live Heat Map

    Again, a great feature for fans of live betting. The implementation of the heat map is a great technology that displays vital information in an easy-to-digest manner. Overall when you look at the football field heat map, you will be presented with red dots representing the movements of the players.

    The heavier colored the area is, the more movement it has seen during the matches. When taken in the live betting context, this will allow you to potentially predict the movement of the players, thus giving you an advantage when placing live bets.

    Apart from the heat map, you will also have access to some easily displayed stats about the team as a whole. This includes possession of the ball, yellow cards, attacks, shots on target, etc. When combined with the favorites feature this will make your life that much easier.

    Touch ID

    A security feature that gives your account an extra layer of protection, and makes logging in more convenient. The Touch ID feature will allow you to log in using your fingerprint instead of typing in your login credentials every time you want to access your account and place bets.

    Someone else can’t log into your account if you have Touch ID enabled, which apart from making it easier to log in, makes sure that your account stays safe and secure and your winnings safe and sound.

    Search Bar

    One key feature all internet users are used to is the Search Bar. Every time we want to find information about something on the internet, we go to Google and type in the information we need. Why not apply the same technique to a betting website and make things much simpler?

    That’s what 888sport did. A great UX and UI improvement that allows players to simply click on a search bar, and go find the wanted team or player by simply writing down the information they need. Furthermore, this greatly saves time.

    Coupon Navigation

    A coupon navigation option has been added to 888sport. Searching for coupons now is much easier, and allows for greater control of the user interface. This will allow players to top 888 coupons in order and more easily place accas on several same markets such as BTTS and total goals.

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