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Top 10 cricket players of all time

    Cricket was first played in the 16th century in the south of England. In a few decades, the game has spread to all the British Isles and has become a national sport. The colonial policy of Great Britain led to the spread of cricket in Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, and other countries. The sport has gained particular popularity in India, so bettors can easily find many cricket events on Today cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world with a rich history and athletes who have become legends.

    Top 10 cricket players of all time

    10th place – Muttiya Muralitaran

    The Sri Lankan player is regarded as one of the highest-scoring bowlers in the history of cricket. Muttiya played in Test matches from 1992 to 2011 and broke 800 wickets. His serving style was controversial in the cricket community, with many famous people criticizing the player. But after a detailed biomechanical analysis, the International Cricket Board agreed that Muttiya played within the rules.

    9th place – Wasim Akram

    Despite the fact that Wasim retired in 2003, he is still considered the best bowler in Pakistani cricket. The player was one of the first to use the reverse swing technique. Thanks to a special swing, Vasim easily broke the opponent’s gates. In Test matches, he collected 414 opponents’ wickets. This result is significantly lower than that of Muttiya. But Wasim secured his 9th place in the rankings through his performance at the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Then the player collected 500 wickets, which made him the absolute world record holder.

    8th place – Viv Richards

    On the 8th place in our rating is Sir Viv Richards. This is one of the most productive and famous batsmen in the history of cricket. The player spent most of his career in the West Indies team, even becoming its captain. Viv retired in 1991 and was officially inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009 by a decision of the International Council.

    7th place – Brian Lara

    The next in our ranking is batsman Lara Bryan. He is rightfully considered the best batsman in the history of cricket in England and one of the world’s top athletes. Brian began his career in 1991, and after 3 years he set a record of 501 points in the Yorkshire game against Durham. In 2001, Bryan set a record of 400 points in a test match.

    6th place – Shane Warne

    On the 6th place in our rating is the Australian Shane Warne, who entered his name in the history of cricket due to a powerful and almost irresistible serve. During his career, the bowler collected 708 wickets in Test matches. In the period from 1992 to 2007, the athlete led the Australian team to the leaders of world cricket.

    5th place – Imran Khan

    Imran played cricket until 1992, after which he ended his sports career and went into politics. During the 70s and 80s, Imran was considered one of the best all-rounders in Pakistan. It was thanks to him that Pakistan took the world championship in cricket for the only time. The merits of the player were appreciated by the world cricket community and by the decision of the International Council of Iman, they were entered into the ICC Hall of Fame.

    4th place – Jan Botham

    On the 4th place in our rating is one of the brightest players of the 80s. Jan showed himself perfectly in the role of both a bowler and a batsman. The player played for the England national team and in 1980 became its captain. A year later, he led the team to victory in the World Cup. Botham was especially remembered by the fans in the match against Australia.

    3rd place – Garfield Sobers

    The bronze of our ranking deservedly goes to Garfield Sobers, who played cricket from 1952 to 1974. Despite the fact that Garfield retired a long time ago, Sobers is still considered one of the best all-around players in the history of cricket. In 1968, he became the first player to score 36 points in a single game.

    2nd place – Sachin Tendulkar

    The silver of our ranking goes to Sachin Tendulkar. He ended his career in 2013. Over the years of playing in the Indian national team, the player set many records. For example, Sachin is still the only cricketer to win 100 international matches. Most of all, Sachin was remembered as a batsman, but he also showed himself well as a bowler. Tendulkar has received numerous awards including the Sobers Award, Cricketer of the Year, and Cricketer of the Generation. He received two top civilian honors for his performance on the Indian national team.

    1st place – Donald Bradman

    Every person who is interested in cricket will not be surprised by our choice. Donald Bradman is considered to be the best cricketer of all time. The Australian played for his country’s national team for more than three decades and brought cricket to a new international level. Bradman made history with a superb shot that was almost impossible to parry. At the same time, he played well in the position of a batsman. The player ended his career in 1949 but is still considered the most effective and prolific cricketer with an average of 99.34. 

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