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What Do Cricketers Do Before a Cricket Match Starts?

    Cricketers go through a series of preparation before the start of a match. Know their secrets and apply the knowledge when creating your virtual team.

    fantasy Cricket

    Cricket is a game consisting of a bat and ball, played between two teams of 11 players each in the center of a cricket field within a pitch of 22 yards. The batting side has two players on the field positioned on each side of the pitch. A bowler bowls the ball from one end of the pitch to the other, where the batsman is ready to strike the ball to score runs. A bowler bowls six deliveries to complete an over so that another bowler can replace him to bowl the next over. The batting side sets a target for the opposing team. If the other team successfully overcomes the target in the second innings, the respected team will be the winner. At the same time, the defending side would win the game if they successfully defended the score set up by them in the first innings.

    With the advancement of technology, cricket has been showing a gradual upward trend with increased popularity regarding viewership and fan following. Thanks to various OTT platforms and television for broadcasting live cricket games which have tremendously increased the craze of cricket globally. The curiosity of cricket fans to witness the game live was becoming very common, and hardcore cricket fans were expecting something exciting to stir up their mind. Therefore, the introduction of the Fantasy Cricket league rapidly gained exposure.

    Fantasy cricket is an online game where players from all over the globe connect over an online platform and compete with each other. The game enables users to create a team of influential players before the match day. The fantasy team consists of 11 players as the original team, but the fantasy team consists of players combined from both the respective team competing with each other on the match day. The main objective of playing fantasy cricket is to score the highest point and win the game on the online platform to win exciting prizes.

    For this article, let us focus on how the cricketers prepare themselves before the start of the match.

    Playing Other Sports

    Some players tend to play an alternate sport during pre-matches rather than practicing cricket itself. MS Dhoni, during an interview, said that he loved tossing the football in a freestyle manner and racing with his teammates because this warm-ups the body to avoid future in-game injury. In another interview, Ricky Pointing stated his love for playing golf during his spare time because it would bring calm to his mind to increase focus and, at the same time, maintain competitive behavior during professional matches.

    Mental Training

    Most cricketers are observed mentally training their minds before a match starts. Visualizing the probable situations during a match is essential in making a quick decision on the field during difficult situations. Self-taking and self-assuring is another great practice to boost one’s confidence and load oneself with positive energy by uttering instructional and motivational statements.

    Relaxing before the Match Day

    The best recommendation by cricketers such as Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, and Dyane Bravo is to take some time off before the match day. The method would help cricketers to avoid overthinking and also work as a de-stressing therapy. Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid decided to skip practice sessions in Adelaide before the match day and enjoy a movie instead. Likewise, Gavaskar and Tendulkar avoided practicing on the nets before the match to distract themselves from the pressure of the upcoming game.

    Playing Video Games

    Virat Kohli, in an interview, said that Axar Patel and Wriddhiman Saha carried their Playstations during tour matches so that everybody could gather up and dive to enjoy time together. The Indian team is frequently spotted together in a hotel room playing video games during their spare time and relaxing their minds. These playful activities helped cricketers keep their minds away from the considerable burden of expectations they carry on their shoulders before a game.

    Set a Proper Routine

    Setting a proper routine is a common and essential recommendation for a person during school days. Having a checklist for things that need to be carried out before the game is vital as a player has a lot going on in his mind and might forget things sometimes. The types of equipment required, the kind of food and drink to be carried during practice session or matchday is essential. Similarly, cricketers have a set way and work according to the practice without skipping anything.

    Food to Eat Before Match-Day

    Keeping the stomach semi-empty does wonder for a player to participate in the game actively. Cricket experts say that eating unprocessed whole foods, such as eggs, meat, fruits, fish, and nuts, is highly recommended because a well-fueled body works with 100% efficiency. Avoid drinking liters of water or any other energy drink before the start of a match, as it will rapidly cause fatigue and loss of stamina.


    Finally, a player is set to play the match after considering all the physical and mental means to keep themselves sane. A player would now know his role in the cricket match and act accordingly. For example, if the player is on the batting side, he would sit down and relax for a while to visualize the way he would play to contribute maximum runs for the team. Similarly, if a player is about to bowl the first over, he would excite himself with pace and run-ups before the start of the match.

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