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How to bet on cricket Step by Step Guide and Where to bet

    Cricket is a very popular game and many people like to bet on this sport. Already today, many institutions offer interesting game conditions. By the way, on the bet winner bd platform, you can see very favorable betting lines. Here is a good design of the site and the ability to quickly withdraw the money received for winning the bet. Here is a good opportunity to use the bonuses for registering for your bets. Below we will tell about the peculiarities of cricket and what is interesting here. Read below.

    how to bet on cricket

    Basic Conditions of the game

    All the subtleties and nuances of this sport involve established ICC rules. Cricket – is difficult, unique, slow, long (matches can last up to 5-6 days), and not everyone’s favorite game. Its subtleties are difficult to describe, but the main provisions can be. The cricket field should be oval in shape and covered with grass. In its center is an earthen pitch – a rectangular area 20.12 m long and about 3 meters wide, at the ends of which are installed gates (wooden pegs driven into the ground and represent the inverted letter “W”). All pitches are made on the pitch, along its length. 

    Crises – strips at the ends of the pitch – separate the playing areas. Teams of two – 11 people each, the match is led by two referees (in high-level games there is a third referee behind the field) and 2 referees who receive and record signals referees from the field. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible and break the opponent’s gate. A cricketer, or cricketer, can be called a bowler (passes the ball) and a batsman (who reflects it with a bat). The defender of the gate is called a wicketkeeper, sometimes his role is especially significant.

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    The main roles of the game

    • The two leading roles (bowler and batsman) are alternately played by all players of both teams.
    • The first can make no more than six innings, which together are called over. 
    • The ball is served by a player of one team and bounced by a representative of the other, both of them are in their opposite opposing game zones, located at the ends of the pitch. Immediately after hitting the ball with a bat (non-contact game), the batsman can run to the opposite gate, and touch something on the ground behind it, then you can hurry back. Jogging brings points. 
    • But he can stay in place if the rebounded ball flies far enough: to the edge of the pitch – 4 points, abroad – 6. All players during the match are scattered around the field, and the supply and reception of the ball are carried out by only two representatives of different teams.

    The main periods of the game

    The goal of others is to prevent the opponent from scoring points and defending his gate. As soon as it is destroyed, the batsman leaves the game, which lasts until the last, tenth player, repelling the serve. This period is called innings. After him, the teams change places, ie the ball will be served by the bowler of the other team (6 innings), and the batsman will receive another.

    As noted above, all the subtleties of purely national entertainment are absorbed by the British with mother’s milk. The game of cricket has its sincere fans and is also a must-visit for members of the elite and members of the royal family, who are assigned special lodges. Color is a characteristic feature of a game called cricket. The photos are a clear confirmation of that.

    The World Cricket Championship is held once every four years.

    bet on cricket

    Types of bets on cricket

    Tournament formats and rules can confuse the bettor, so you need to figure out what outcomes are offered for this sport.

    Additional bets

    Betting players often choose to win or lose a team with a handicap, plus or minus. In cricket, you can choose a handicap on wounds. In test matches, bettors often bet on a zero handicap, insuring their result in case of a possible draw.

    Outcome Bets

    Capper guesses the outcome of the match – which team will win the match. A draw in cricket is impossible (with the exception of first-level tournaments), so the bettor has two options – the victory of the first or second team. Experts recommend conducting an analysis of personal meetings in order to make a choice. You can bet on the first-level competitions with a double chance, insuring yourself in case of a draw.

    Total bets

    Cricket matches are long, and bookmakers offer many different totals – for example, you can bet on the total number of runs in a match, or on the total runs within a certain segment of the game (according to the results of 5 or 10 overs). Totals are offered general or individual – the capper can evaluate the performance of each team.

    Questions and answers

    Can I bet on cricket?

    Yes. Many sites offer this option.

    Can you make money betting?

    Yes. The main thing is to use the right strategy.

    Can I bet on sports if I don’t know anything about the chosen competition?

    Yes. But there are risks of losing.

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