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Online Indian Lottery play – Play Lottery and Earn Real Cash

    We occasionally encounter an online lottery website that is so amazing that we are astonished. We can’t wait to tell everyone about this when it happens to be great. Other times, we regret ever finding the website in the first place. We shall examine in this review because it was established in 2008 and left us speechless—but for the wrong reasons.

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    Is the Indian lottery play site safe to use it not?

    There is no second thought when it comes to using this site and is it authentic. The fact that these individuals have many players is definitely a huge benefit to attracting players and gaining their trust. On the contrary, one thing is agitating that it doesn’t seem as if they take any actions to protect players on the site. There is no HTTPS secured connection between the player’s browsers and their servers not even on pages that collect personal data about players.

    online lottery play india

    This Indian lottery play site is using flash, which is an obsolete technology. Flash suffers from harsh security issues. So I personally ask you to think twice about it. Moreover, many modern browsers don’t support it any longer. Besides this, If any site is asking for authorization to use Flash, users must decline. So it depends on the players whether to use this site or not.

    How does the Indian lottery play site work?

    To start with this site, players need to register a free player account using their email address and mobile number. But the thing is, when I tried to do this to pen down this review, I found it a bit difficult to manage, and the site just stuck there doing nothing at all which is not acceptable at all.

    In spite of that, if the idea of the site is accurate when glancing at our experience with different online lottery websites, once the player has managed to create a player account and log into the website, they should be able to choose the numbers that they would like to play for each lottery. They have to precisely understand what each of these lotteries is, how many numbers they need to choose for each lottery, and what are the rules, regulations, odds, or jackpots, of any of these lotteries are is anybody’s guess.

    The reason is, that not like other lottery websites that present each lottery with their own webpage that specifies all the above information, on the other hand, Indian lottery play does not. Instead, all lotteries are listed underneath one another on the home page of the site.

    Special features of the Indian lottery play site:

    Available lotteries

    You will discover six seemingly different lotteries available to you once you have translated the website into English using Google Translate (the website language setting that allows you to change between Hindi and English does not work). These lotteries are not the type of well-known games that you are presumably interested in playing, though.

    There are six lottery options:





    •Fate Line



    There are no extras on the website besides a results chart that provides a list of all the most recent lottery outcomes. The ‘How to Play’ manual is the only other item that might be considered extra. This tutorial describes how the website operates and how to use it. But unlike a helpful guide, this one merely serves to aggravate your frustration and raise new queries in your mind. If such was the writers’ intention, then they unquestionably succeeded in doing so!


    We’d be happy to review the numerous ways you can use the site to make payments and withdrawals with you. Sadly, not a single one is brought up. Not that we would advise you to enter any payment information on a website without an SSL certificate. However, we feel pretty sure that it would be difficult for you to withdraw your money if you did manage to buy a ticket and were fortunate enough to win.

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    This site provides no information about how you would go about collecting your prizes, which differs from nearly all other online lottery sites. Again, since you wouldn’t be able to, we are confident this is the case.

    Customer service support:

    On the website, there is simply a contact number that may be used to inquire about the most recent draw results and customer service (095 559 996 08). The incredibly useless playing guide is the only component of customer service other than this.


    We are not at all surprised that the website makes no mention of welcome bonuses or promotions.


    Surprisingly, there are restrictions on who can view the website. These, however, are exceedingly general and merely declare that users from restricted areas are not permitted to access the website. Additionally, the website specifies that only users who are at least 18 years old may access its services.

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    My experience with this site:

    I will say my honest overall user experience. Firstly while visiting this site it was something that could only have been developed by somebody that despises all internet users though it might sound funny, it is how felt. The site is terribly outdated in terms of its features and design and does not look attractive in the slightest.

    The fact that the “About Us” tab on the website menu which is situated at the bottom of the website for some bizarre reason does not connect to anything also does not help much. However, the most flawed transgression is the fact that when players read anything on the website, they need to visit it through Google Translate. For Hindi speakers, this may not seem like much of a problem. Nevertheless, having a language scrollbar that does not even work is more than just slightly irritating.

    Best Online Lottery Site for Indian

    There are lots of lottery websites on the internet but we have selected only the 3 best lottery websites to be played online from India.

    3. Lottoland.Asia


    Playing the Indian Lottery offers numerous benefits, but there are also some drawbacks (case and point; it might not be much fun for foreigners). Negatives include the absence of an effective website and mobile app. The diverse assortment of games, despite the lack of a large brand offer, is undoubtedly a deal-breaker for some people.

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