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Sky Exchange Online Betting ID- Get 100% Genuine and Trusted IDs | Full Guide 2024

    Here you will get the Best Online ID Skyexchange Genuine IDs with the best Deposit and withdrawal and also a Bonus on your Deposit.

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    Cricket Betting Tips Free to bet in Sky exchange


    But don’t want to waste your effort anymore.

    So I am presenting Sky Exchange which will full fill are the necessary needs of a person who wants to do betting.

    But a question will arise in your mind why do I use Sky Exchange for betting because many other betting websites are also available on the Internet?

    So I am going to share some advantages of using Sky Exchange for betting.

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    Why You Should Use Sky Exchange For Betting?

    There are many advantages of using Sky Exchange for betting like

    • Sky Exchange allows you to bet on sports matches like football, hockey, cricket, and even IPL T20 matches which are going on.
    • Sky Exchange is the only trustable betting website that allows its users to bet on Elections.
    • Sky Exchange has a very attractive and simple user-friendly interface.
    • You can use your smartphone as well as your PC for betting.
    • There are many payment methods from which you can easily deposit and withdraw your money.
    • There are no spam reports on this website which increases its trust rate.

    So I think now you have understood why you should prefer Sky Exchange for betting. If you need more information and guidance from beginner to advanced then read this article till the end.

    Sky Exchange Owner

    Flutter Entertainment is the owner of Sky Exchange.

    How to sign up For Sky Exchange? Sky Exchange Sign-Up

    skyexchange ID

    At the time of signing up, you have to be very careful. All the information should be filed correctly so that you will not face any problems.

    To sign up go to the Sky Exchange website or click here.

    Then you will find a Sign-UP and Login button presented on the top left corner of your screen.

    After Clicking on the sign-up button you have to fill out the given form.

    The username should be unique.

    Write an email address that you can easily access. ( An activation email will be sent to this email).

    Password should be more than 6 characters and with a mixture of numbers, alphabet, and special characters. Example: Abc123@

    In the 5th column, you have filled your mobile number on which you will receive an activation OTP for verification.

    Then fill in your date of birth (DOB). Your DOB should be in the DD/MM/YYYY pattern.

    And then click on the submit button to continue.

    Verify that mail has been sent to your provided mail address. 

    After verification, you have to Log in.

    How to Deposit Money in Sky Exchange?

    sky exchange

    To do betting you must have some money. The minimum deposition amount is ₹1000 and the maximum deposition amount is Rs.99999.

    To deposit money for betting you have to go to the Deposit option.

    Then you will get 9 different deposition methods which are PayTm, Bank Transfer, Astro pay, Skrill, Neteller, EcoBanq, Free Charge, Phone Pe, and Google Pay.

    You can use any of them to deposit the money.

    After filling in your payment details you can fill in your deposit amount which should be more than ₹1000.

    Then your money will be deposited into your existing account. Now you can use that money for betting.

    Other Ways to Deposit in Sky Exchange

    You can take an ID from a bookie or dealer. You can directly send money to them and they will make an account for you.

    Contact us at 9205377919 if you want Sky Exchange Online ID

    How to start betting on Sky Exchange?

    Before starting betting make sure that you follow these steps:

    • Do betting on the games in which you have the proper knowledge. If you go without proper knowledge then it will increase the chances of losing your money.
    • You should have a proper strategy for betting on any sport.
    • You have to first deposit money in your wallet then you have to start betting.

    Like I have proper knowledge of cricket so I will provide you with a guide for betting on cricket as same as you can bet on any game like tennis or football.

    First of all sign in with your account in Sky Exchange.

    Then go to the ‘in-play games tab’ presented at the bottom of your screen.

    Then you will see all those matches on which you can place bets.

    Select any match on which you want to start betting.

    Then you will see the rate of the matches so you can bet on Back or on the lay.

    After selecting lay or back it will ask you to fill your bet into the given column.

    After filling your bet. If the match result will come in your favor then you will get your amount in your wallet.

    Bet on IPL matches at Sky Exchange ID

    If you want to do betting on IPL matches then you have to follow the following steps.

    Go to the sports section there you will find IPL 2024.

    After clicking on it you will be asked a few questions and you have to answer with YES and NO options.

    Another way to bet on IPL is to go to the sports section.

    And then click on the IPL 2024 winner. Then you will get all 8 teams.

    And there you will see the betting rates of Back & Lay.

    The price of betting on teams depends on their previous records. If a team has the best record in IPL then the team has a low bet rate and if a team has the worst record then the team will have high bet rates.

    Choose the team and then fill in the minimum bet.

    That’s set if the selected team wins then you will get your payment.

    How to withdraw your money from Sky Exchange Betfair?

    To withdraw money from Sky exchange you need to verify your KYC first. And then you can get paid.

     The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs1000.

    Follow the following steps if you have verified your account.

    • Go to settings
    • Then open your profile and go to the withdraw option then it will ask you to fill in the withdrawal amount.
    • Note that you can’t withdraw money less than Rs1000.
    • Now it will ask you for the payment method. It means on which account you want to receive the amount.
    • There are 9 payment options presented on this app by which you can get paid.
    • Select any one account on which you want to get paid.
    • Fill in the payment details. And after filling details your payment details you will receive your payment in one day.

    Sky Exchange Demo-Id

    Contact us at 9205377919 for Sky Exchange Demo-Id.

    How do I complete my KYC?

    If you want to withdraw money from it you must have to verify your KYC to receive money.

    Follow the following steps to complete your KYC:-

    Go to the KYC section from settings.

    Then you will be asked for id proof, you can select an ID card, driver’s license, or passport number.

    After selecting proof of identity you will be asked for the document number which is presented on your document.

    And then fill in the expiry date of the document.

    Then you have to upload the document’s front image and back image.

    Note that document images should not be more than 2MB and they should be in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.

    After uploading these details you need to upload your passbook photo of your bank account.

    And then click on Verify, within a day your KYC will be verified.

    Note: If you take your ID from the direct dealer then you don’t need any KYC or give them any of your identity proof.

    Q. What are the games on which I can bet?

    1. There are many games present on the Sky Exchange on which you can bet, the games are hockey, cricket, football, Tennis, and soccer.

    Q. Does Sky Exchange provide customer support?

    1. Yes, they provide 24×7 customer support.

    Q. What is the minimum withdrawal & deposit limit?

    1. The minimum withdrawal and deposited limit are 1000 INR.

    Q. In how many days I will get my payout to my bank account?

    1. You will get your payout in less than one day, and for some reason, if it gets delayed then you can contact customer care, and 24×7 they are available for you.

    Thank-You! If you have any queries regarding the Sky exchange then you can contact me. And yes don’t forget to give it a try to Sky exchange.

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