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World no 1 Cricket Tipper Telegram 2024

    Suppose you do not know enough about cricket and are curious to learn about cricket. In that case, it’s high time you join the legit cricket prediction telegram channel or cricket, betting group. But you might think there are fake cricket tipper telegram channels, so do not worry! I have eased everything by curating World no 1 cricket tipper telegram channel.

    World no 1 Cricket Tipper Telegram

    Now easily earn a striking amount of money because the below-given cricket tippers’ telegram channels share many precise predictions about the game, so I will help you find out how to be in safe hands and choose the genuine cricket tipper for you.

    10 World no 1 cricket tipper telegram channels:

    Legit tippers have enough knowledge, work hard to enhance a brand name, and offer genuine and accessible services to bettors to help them with excellent free tips in the cricket betting market. Below I have listed some of the genuine tippers in cricket, do follow them, and don’t get into a trap by looking at the subscribers because it can also be a fake tipper channel.

    1. ExpertsFreeTips – in the Best No.1 Tipper List

    This is the best forever free tipper and honest. In One place you can find tips all about sports and you can trust them easily without any tension. This Channel not only provides Free Cricket Tips, Best Toss PredictionBest Online BetsDream11 Prediction, etc.

    We have selected him as the #1 Best Tipper because he has been giving predictions past 13 years and that is also for free non-stop daily updates.

    ExpertsFreeTips also has an Android app where you can find regular updates of all matches.


    2. Experts Free Tips IPL Chat Adda Group

    You must join here because experts are Openly Connected to everyone here. You can ask for any match-related Updates to the ExpertsFreeTips Admin directly and Admin is Available anytime to replay your queries and doubts only about the match.

    Open Groups are Very Rare to find, it’s your benefit to Connect with him ASAP and clear all match-related doubts now.

    3. Gambling King

    My first pick is the Gambling King, an excellent tipper telegram channel that falls on the best tipper list. From my research, he always offers excellent tips on cricket, Football, and tennis, so; if you are enthusiastic, you can surely try him out.

    Gambling King legitimately offers the best cricket tips; his football and tennis tips are exact and if you are excited to bet other than cricket Football or tennis, then following him is worth a try.

    Click the link to the Gambling King telegram channel if you do follow him!

    4. Ranbir Roy (VSG)

    Our second pick is the Ranbir Roy (VSG) popularly known as the Vikram Singh Gandhi channel. He is a fantastic cricket tipper which is common among his followers as” Dada.” He more often shares tips through pretty helpful video clips. Above I have offered an original Ranbir Roy VSG link; click, join, and enjoy!

    5. Malik Bhai

    Malik Bhai is also an honest cricket tipper from India whom you can trust without a second thought. He authentically offers excellent cricket tips in the market of betting.

    But one drawback with this channel is he charges after presenting some free match tips to the tipper. But the prime reason you must follow him is that he is sincere with the information, and you won’t mind paying some charges he charges.

    Above is the Malik Bhai telegram channel link, do follow him!

    6. Sunil Bhatia

    He is popularly known as a person by Indian folks who ultimately place bets on cricket enthusiastically. Furthermore, Sunil Bhatia also offers incredible free betting tips on cricket sports. He provides the legit team winner of the match played. So overall, he has good enough knowledge of cricket tipping.

    And if you are interested, follow him by clicking on the link above!

    7. The Baazigar

    Manu Rai Baazigar is the other popular name where you can quickly get all the free cricket match predictions. The person behind this channel is an incredible analyst and knows cricket tipping well.

    And if you are interested, follow him by clicking on the link above!

    8. Yuvraj Singh Rajput

    I have enlisted him at number 6 because his accuracy is decent, but he charges money to offer tips, and if you do not feel good about the charges, you can follow the free directions he most often posts to his fans to win. Moreover, he also owns Book for exchange ID; if you are interested, you can try it!

    And if you are interested, follow him by clicking on the link (Yuvraj Singh Rajput) above!

    9. SRK Tips

    SRK Tips shares betting tips, including cricket, Football, tennis, and legit toss prediction. He also offers free tips with zero charges for all matches toss and match-winner, sometimes Football and tennis.

    And if you are interested, follow him by clicking on the link above!

    10. Puneet jackpot king

    Puneet Jackpot King has also made it to my list as he offers free cricket match tips without charging any money. He has been sharing all cricket match tips for a long time, enhancing the chances of winning. Further, he not only offers cricket tips but also shares a session of some cricket matches, which is fantastic.

    And if you are interested, follow him by clicking on the link above!

    11. CriCket LoVer (AMAL MISHRA)

    Cricket LoVer (AMAL MISHRA) is a legit cricket analyst with a piece of comprehensive knowledge about the dream team, basically all the information about cricket. He is a genuine tipper.

    And if you are interested, follow him by clicking on the link above!

    12. Betting Guruji-Aryan

    This betting Guruji-Aryan is a popular Telegram channel known by most punters who have been in the betting field for a long time. He has fantastic fan followers and great ideas on the cricket betting market. He offers free and paid tips on most of the best tournaments and leagues.

    If you are interested, follow him by clicking on the link above. I am sure you will get free updates on free matches.

    Bottom line:

    I hope you found this review about the best 10 World no 1 cricket tipper telegram 2023. Above are some of the great cricket tippers in India, and you can click on their telegram links to keep yourself updated with the upcoming matches.

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