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Trusted Lotusbook247 ID || How to Deposit, Withdrawal, And Open Account ID || Full Guide

    Lotusbook247 is an online betting ID,  In which you can play sports, games, Esports, and casinos to earn money.

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    Lotusbook247 is a trusted and safe website for betters, and it is powered by Betfair, the largest online betting exchange company from the United Kingdom & London.

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    Today, I will instruct you from the beginner level to advance, how you have to open your betting ID, and how to withdraw and Deposit.

    Note: Message us at +91 8596856925 to get your lotusbook247 Betting ID.

    How to Create a Lotusbook247 betting ID?


    To start betting, the initial requirement is a betting ID (A betting ID is simply a username and password that can be used to log in to your Lotus Book betting account).

    There are three types of betting IDs that exist in Lotusbook247. 

    Lotus Book Minimum ID Open

    If you are a beginner or you want to give a test lotusbook247, then you can open your ID with a minimum cost of 5000 Rupees. And then, you will be provided a username and password with 5000 Rupees in your account. With 1000 Rupees minimum bet. 

    You can withdraw your money every day.

    Message Us at 8596856925 To get Lotusbook247 ID.

    How to Get Lotus Offer ID

    If you have played or you know about betting, then you can go with the offer ID as its name is the same as its work. If you open your account with Offer ID, you have to message us at 9205377919 you will get an account with a username & password. And you will be credited with some bonus money in your Lotusbook247 account. Under offer ID, you will receive 5-10% extra, With a minimum bet limit of 1000 Rupees. And you can withdraw your winning amount on Tuesday & Friday.

    Lotus Premium ID 

    Lotusbook247 betting sports rate

    If you are betting for a long time and now you have expertise in this field, you should go with a premium ID. To open a premium ID, you have to pay 150000 rupees. Your bookie will then give you a premium Lotusbook247 ID with a username and password, which you can use to log in to, and 150000 rupees will be credited to your provided account.

    The benefit of using a premium lotusbook247 ID is that you can withdraw your account at any time, or you can say daily. The minimum vet limit will be the same in all stores 1000 Rupees.

    Open A Lotubook247 Betting account.

    To open any one account from these three accounts. You have to follow the following steps:

    1. First of all, if you do not account from these banks, Paytm, GooglePay, or PhonePay, then create an account on one of these. 

    Because these are the withdrawal and Deposit methods of this website.

    2. After creating an account, Click Here or go to

    And then, at the bottom, you will find a WhatsApp number. 

    3. Save that number on your Phone and message that you need a betting account. Then, you have to send your payment method and choose a store from three ( minimum ID, Offer ID, or Premium ID). 

    4. Then your bookie will send you the payment details, and you have to send the money on that given payment detail.

    5. After sending money, wait for some hours, and then your bookie will send you a login ID and Password with cash.

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    How To Play And Win at Lotus?

    After creating your account, you can start betting. But make sure to bet on those sports on which you have proper knowledge and command. Otherwise, you will lose all your money.

    This platform is best for betting on sports. The casino is not good enough.

    To start betting, go to lotusbook247.ioWhatsapp 8596856925

    Log in with your username and password. Then you will be redirected to your dashboard, which is a Home page. 

    Click on the three lines on the top left corner of your screen to see the sports available for betting like cricket, football, tennis, course racing, greyhound racing, E-sports, and casino.

    After clicking on any sport, choose any match on which you want to do the betting.

    After choosing any match, you can see the back and Lay amount on that specific match. Back and lay are amounts that you will get after winning. Back in the payment, you have a bet, and Lay is how you will get in returns after winning.

    The minimum amount you can bet on any match is 1000 rupees. And the best part of Lotusbook247 is that you can watch the live game on which you have a bet. After betting on any match. You see its statics in the My Market section. To see the winning amount, you have to click on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen. And then you can see your winning amount there.

    How To Deposit Money In Lotusbook247?

    There is not any way to deposit money by yourself. You have to massage your bookie to deposit cash into your account.

    Go to WhatsApp and request your bookie that I want to deposit money into my account. 

    Send your username to him. And then tell your payment from Bank, Paytm, PhonePay, or Google Play. 

    Then your bookie will send you the payment details according to the choice of your payment method. You have to send the amount you want to deposit on the given details by your bookie. After sending money, wait for some hour until your bookie responds, and then your money will be credited to your account by your bookie.

    How To Withdrawal Money In Lotusbook247?

    As I had told you there is no way by which you can deposit money by yourself the same concept applies here too. 

    In terms of withdrawal of your money, you have to contact your bookie again and tell him that you want to withdraw your winning amount. And then send him the details of your bank or any other payment method by which you wish to withdraw money. 

    Then, your requested money will be credited to your account.

    Note: If you have a premium account, then you can withdraw your money any day, but if you have opened up your account with a minimum account open or offer ID, then you can withdraw your cash on Tuesday and Friday only.

    Lotus Book Contact number

    You can contact Genuine Lotus Book Bookie on WhatsApp to get your Lotus Book exchange ID Now.

    Some FAQs Related To Lotusbook247

    Q. Can I withdraw my money without Contacting my bookie?

    A. No, you must have to contact your bookie to withdraw and deposit money.

    Q. What is the official site of Lotusbook247?

    The official URL of Lotusbook247 is

    Q. How do I contact my bookie?

    A. You can contact your bookie by WhatsApp. And you get his/ her number at

    Q. May I withdraw my money at any time?

    A. Yes, if you have a premium ID, but if you have an Offer ID or minimum open ID, then you can only withdraw on Friday and Tuesday.

    Final Words

    So you guys, these are the steps and guides that you should from creating your account to withdrawing your money. And make sure to make an account from which you can receive and deposit your money. 

    Thank- You!

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